Sydney C.

We requested a time change if it was possible and got a call, email and text the day before to let us know we could change our time. it worked out perfectly and we are so appreciative!!!!

Jonathan U.

Colleen is a dream come true as a secretary, a real angel with wings, she helps me with my teenage son, Jonathan's appts. and is very understanding when he has questions or concerns. doc David dung is very friendly and informative too. No short cuts here. His practice is very honorable and professional. I would certainly recommend him to every one I know. Thank you for letting me take this survey.

Sandra P.

Dr. Dong worked with me and my very unusual schedule.

Kasen C.

Everyone at the office is amazing! They are all very professional and welcoming!

Elias A.

Collene is always friendly and helpful at our appointments. She provided the paperwork for my flex claim and follow-up with her if I needed additional help

Andrew L.

There was once a calendar easily available on your website, one which showed which office you were in each week. I couldn't find it recently and, with a son like Andrew, I really used that calendar! Outside of that, our family hold Dr. Dung, and his staff, in very high regards. They are the whole package of sincere friendliness, professionalism, with a lot of smiles and laughter on the side. We will truly miss them when we leave the islands.

Havish M.

Loved the environment, and fun conversating with the staff/people

Daniel Tokumaru

The one thing I love about Dr.Dungs office is the friendliness of the staff. for ex: when we walk Enter the office auntie colleen and auntie Megan greet us with a big smile. I also have a sister that has been coming to Dr. dungs office. I really enjoy coming to the office and seeing everyone. I really think that you guys should make offices in different places and hire more staff to help because I really enjoy seeing all of you.

Lia Mausolf

It was an emergency! My wire had snapped and I couldn’t eat. You would think that I was be upset because of all the pain my mouth was in, but it wasn’t why I was upset. I was upset because I couldn’t eat! I always eat! Not being able to eat at the potluck after my brothers baseball game was devastating! I had to do something. I right away called Uncle DJ while watching my brothers game at the ball park. To my surprise he was there in just 15 minutes with his “emergency ortho kit” Many may think this is not an emergency, but for me it was. I needed to eat the delicious food that was gonna be served as soon as my brothers game was done. Uncle DJ welcomed me warmly into his car and laid the seat back, kind of like a make shift orthodontists office. He used his tools and fixed my up in no time. I felt so special and overly happy. I gave him a huge hug and was ready to eat! It has been a fast four years that I have been with this amazing family. I remember the first day coming into the office, taking my pictures and meeting all of the staff. My family and I have know Doctor Dung and his family for years and to experience him at work was so much fun. Uncle DJ has always been fun loving and so caring, and to see him like this in the office was reassuring. All of the assistants always acted as if they had knew me forever and didn’t hesitate to start a conversation. This orthodontist family is like no other and everyone should be able to experience there great hearts, and amazing skills!